About Us

"The creative adult is the child who survived." -- Ursula Leguin

With the same thought, we started our venture 'CLAY ART'. Growing up comes with bundles of responsibilities, so does it was in our case. Inspite of having a keen interest in clay artistry and modelling, it took us a great time to come ahead with this project. But now since we have emerged ourselves with clay, we have rekindled that aspire of ours and many others into something we named Clay Art. 

Artistry and modelling with clay dates back to 2600 to 1700 BC. The Jhabua and Bastra tribes of Madhya Pradesh are known for their tradition of making terracotta pottery. Gujarat is known for its spectacular hand-painted clay products, such as beautiful clay animals and home décor items 
At clay art, we showcase the hard work and talent of these potters that resides in small lanes and districts of India, and bestow folk with their perfect options for decor and gift items, which are truly an enriching source of positive vibes and energy.

Here, we aim at bringing our ancient traditions and artistry back to this modernised world to give a classical look to our contemporary places. 
So do come and grace our venture with your esteemed presence because we believe that creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary one.